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The first edition of '100 Years of Lead Acid Batteries' was published in the year 1990 and well received as a Primer. The writer of this book was Late Mr. Dalip Singh. He was a well known Battery Consultant. The second & also the latest one edition lays emphasis on the various processes and techniques of refining of reclaimed Lead to upto 99.99% purity for manufacturer of Grey Oxide and other Oxides therefrom. The contents reveal various approaches and many ingenues methods hitherto not known or followed by small smelters in purification of Lead.
Grids properly alloyed and aged are still a big puzzle for Small Scalle Industry. Mention has been made on various grid alloys for various application batteries-casting, problems & solution.
With increasing demand for sealed maintenance free gelled and AGM type Lead Acid Batteries, the small scale industry can take a new direction.
A glance into the contents shows that the technical literature included is from wide-based sources and give clear hints and hidden clues on effecting improvements in manufacturing of batteries.
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