आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव

Environment, Health & Safety

Batteries are an omnipresent feature of daily life. They are found in a number of different uses including:
  • Transportation
    • In the engines of cars, planes, electric bikes and trains and a range of other applications for the transportation of goods and persons such as forklift trucks and wheelchairs
    • In hybrid electric and full electric vehicles
  • Energy storage for renewable energy systems
  • Backup power for Uninterruptible Power Supply applications, security applications, telecommunications, power plants, computer systems, planes, trains, metros and tunnels.
  • Industrial and military applications.
These examples prove how essential batteries are in every day life. We expect people to have confidence in batteries not only in terms of their daily use but also in terms of the environmental safeguards that are part of their construction. It is very important for Companies to control every stage of a battery’s life cycle – from design and production, through their many uses and applications, to final collection and recycling to ensure the highest environmental protection standards. Batteries can even help to contribute to lowering CO2 emissions.
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